Travel Log: Amsterdam


Jason and I visited Amsterdam toward the very end of our time in Europe and after visiting, discussed how we would have loved to have spent more time exploring The Netherlands. The people were so friendly, the food so wonderful, and the country so beautiful.

While in Amsterdam, we spent most of our time exploring the city by meandering through the small streets and over the bridges on foot. We visited during the spring and it was overcast and rainy much of the time, which only changed how moody the photos were. The city I am convinced would be beautiful and quaint no matter the weather.

Amsterdam has over 400 kilometers of bike paths alone, making it an easy and effective way of getting around the city. I really enjoyed seeing how people chose to showcase their individuality via their chosen bicycles and accessories; some used colorful spoke shapes, some unique horns, and others even faux flora.

The Netherlands is also the birthplace of one of my favorite sweet treats ever, the stroopwafel. To be honest, I am not entirely sure how I survived before discovering this delicious cookie-waffle hybrid. Apparently, stroopwafels were invented in The Netherlands during the late 18th or early 19th century by a baker who began sweetening bakery leftovers with syrup and serving them. Now, stroopwafels are made up of two small waffles cooked on a waffle iron that are then sandwiched together with caramel syrup in between.

There are so many things we miss about Europe, but discovering new places and exploring them is definitely the thing Jason and I miss most.


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