Fashion History: A-Line Silhouette

Today’s post is a bit different than previous posts. Up until last November, I was enrolled in a Fashion Marketing and Retail Management program with the hope of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both in my personal life and at the school I was completing the program through, that is currently on hold. My goal is to absolutely complete my degree at some point. I generally loved the program’s course material, specifically the fashion focused courses. On a recent Saturday morning, while drinking my coffee and reading a book about the history of fashion, I realized how much fashion history inspired me and how much I missed researching and learning about the subject. I have always loved learning about the beginnings of fashion, textile, styles, and silhouettes and it occurred to me that perhaps others might want to learn a bit about the subject as well, so here we are.


Ensemble. 1955. Photograph. Met Museum, New York City.

One of my absolute favorite silhouettes is the A-line. The A-line was popular in the 1970s, but actually arrived on the fashion scene in the 1950s. “A-line” can be descriptive of several garments of clothing, including dresses, skirts, and coats. The shape is narrow and fitted at the top of a garment and then widens out in a straight line to the hem. For example, in a dress, the bust would be narrow and fitted and then flare out toward the bottom of the skirt in a straight line. Or in more condensed terms, the garment appears to form the shape of the capital letter “A”.

In Spring 1955, the A-line silhouette came into the fashion world via Christian Dior in Paris. The designer created collections in the mid-1950s and named them based upon the silhouettes he used, which were A, H, and Y. From this beginning, the A-line became the essential silhouette of the 1960s-70s. As time has passed, hemlines have changed, but the A-line remains.


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Forever 21 top, Loft skirt, Louise et Cie booties

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Target blazer, Dove’s t-shirt, Old Navy skirt, Splendid boots

City Eats: Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego


When Jason and I visited San Diego, one of the places I wanted to visit most was Extraordinary Desserts. When trip planning, the piece I get most excited about is definitely searching out the best food spots. When I stumbled upon Extraordinary Desserts, I knew it had to happen. I mean, look at those insanely beautiful desserts!

So, after spending several hours at Balboa Park, we walked across town to enjoy an afternoon treat. It took me a ridiculously long time to decide, but I finally chose the strawberry shortcake – so, so good! Jason ordered the banana cream pie. Both desserts were delicious! If you’re planning a trip to San Diego, try to make it over to Extraordinary Desserts, your stomach (and your eyes) will thank you.


City Eats: Silos Baking Co., Waco


Recently, Jason was invited to speak at Baylor University. Since we had already been trying to figure out a time that we would be able to get down to Texas and take in all things Magnolia and Fixer Upper, we were so excited for the opportunity to spend some time in Waco. Of course, at the top of the list of things we wanted to do, was enjoy some treats at Silos Baking Co.

I absolutely loved everything about Silos Baking Co. The black and white decor of the shop, the mix of vintage, modern, and rustic elements that came together so perfectly, the display of the treats – each element complementing the next so effortlessly. This is a place that inspires me to create, to dream.

The treats themselves were just another successful creative element that tied everything together. We sampled the Lemon Lavender, Nuts and Bolts (vanilla cake filled with pecans and walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting), and the Strawberries ‘N Cream cupcakes. All were delicious, but this cupcake-loving lady surprised even herself by being most enamored with the Silo cookie, a chocolate chip cookie filled with peanut butter chips and walnuts. I think it might be the very best cookie I’ve ever eaten. We loved Waco, the Silos, + that cookie, and cannot wait to get back.


Flea Finds: Willowstone


Jason and I got out and visited one of our favorite antique stores with our sweet friends from Germany when they visited at the end of December. We always leave with something when we visit Willowstone. I really think that Willowstone has something for everyone and every taste.

Jason and I found a funky, beat-up Paris jug that he was able to negotiate a good price for on this trip. We also found a giant spoon for a gift and a metal tree for candles or hanging ornaments on during the holidays next year. The lanterns were great prices and are props for Addison’s first birthday party.

One of the things I love to collect are new pins for adding a splash of color to outfits. This little butterfly is so colorful and I just couldn’t pass it up. I am already looking forward to spring and have been picking things up little by little for the season.

The little American Girl Felicity book might be what I am most excited about! I read the Felicity series when I was a little girl and hope that one day Addison will read them as well. The little book has tiny Felicity paper dolls and different backgrounds on each page. So sweet! We also found some new Little People for Addy. We got her a couple of different Little People sets for Christmas, so we were excited to pick through and find Snow White and 6 dwarfs (we didn’t find Grumpy), a hippo, pilot, and a little toucan. The peacock is for our sweet niece who really loved seeing the peacocks at the zoo here.

I almost always find new books at Willowstone and this time got a couple I have been wanting for a while and then a few others. We also found a sweet little book about balloons for Addy. The illustrations are so wonderful!

The fun coffee mug shaped wall decor is going to add color to our future coffee bar project. We are looking for the perfect piece to use as the bar and haven’t found it yet, but are enjoying the hunt until we do. We’ve seen a couple of pieces that we like that were either too expensive or not exactly the right style. Honestly, the hunt for the perfect piece is usually the most fun anyway.


Flea Finds: Rose Bowl


Jason and I have been looking forward to the Rose Bowl Flea Market since moving to California. We were finally able to experience this mammoth flea market last month and found lots of fun treasures!

We scored two fun books, a book of tales on California’s Missions and a book to help identify cacti (my newest obsession). I found a bright, German Lebkuchen tin to add to my collection of tins and several patches to be added to a denim jacket. We scored an old metal gas can that has been repurposed and is currently being used as a kitchen table vase. (So perfectly funky!) We saw and loved this blue Ball jar and got it at a steal! We both thought the blue glass was so interesting.

I think the coolest things we discovered, though, are the railroad date nails, used by railroad companies starting in the late 1800s for record keeping purposes to track which ties were treated, when, and how. We have a few ideas on how to use them, but are still a tad undecided for now. More to come…

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