City Eats: Metz, Bourguignon


There are so many things I miss about living in Europe. Thankfully, when it comes to food, we’ve been able to find almost all of the things we loved. One thing, however, that we have not found is one of my very favorite desserts, the Mont Blanc.

Jason and I loved visiting Metz, France. We loved Saint-Étienne de Metz, the cathedral in the city, with all its stained glass. We loved seeing all the freshly baked bread sold on the streets. We loved the bustle of the shopping downtown. Perhaps most of all, we loved Bourguignon.

Bourguignon drew us in initially with their gorgeous vitrines. Pâtisseries use vitrines, or glass display cases, to showcase their most gorgeous and intricate pastries and cakes. The Mont Blanc is by far my favorite French pastry. The Mont Blanc is named after the highest mountain in the Alps, as the pastry resembles a snow-capped mountain. The dessert is made of sweetened chestnut puree, meringue, and topped with whipped cream. Though the Mont Blanc was my favorite pastry, everything Bourguignon made looked and tasted delicious. I’m dreaming of the day we can get back to Metz and to Bourguignon.



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