Walt Disney World: Polynesian Resort


One of my favorite resorts to visit, anytime, is Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. While we’ve never actually stayed in any of the Disney Resorts, we love visiting them, eating at their restaurants, and just taking in the ambiance of each one. Jason and I experienced our very first trip to a Disney Park at Christmastime in 2009. Disney is even more magical at Christmas and we love visiting around the holidays! A couple of years ago, while living in Colorado, we decided to road trip it to Florida for Addy’s first trip to Disney.

We enjoyed a few days in the parks and then spent some time touring the resorts and taking in their decor and of course, their gorgeous trees themed to each respective resort. I have to say, I think the Polynesian Resort’s tree was my favorite. Perhaps it is because I have always had an affinity for all things Polynesian or that the resort has some definite nods to my favorite architectural style (Mid-Century Modern), but I really, really loved it. The Polynesian is one of only two Walt Disney World resorts that were there from the beginning (the second being my other favorite – The Contemporary Resort).

This time around, we had a delicious breakfast at Kona Cafe together. I may not have a picture of the Tonga Toast I devoured, but let me tell you, it was probably in my “Top 10 Disney Foods” I have ever eaten! We wandered around taking in all the retro-tiki (!!) vibes, taking fun photos wherever we found the perfect spot.

Do you have a favorite Disney Resort? Do you like to tour all the resorts during the holidays, admiring all the themed decor?



Addison’s First Haircut


When we started planning for our Walt Disney World trip, I discovered that the Harmony Barber Shop was an actual working salon and that it was possible to make an appointment for a child’s first haircut. Miss Addy was in definite need of a cut months before our trip, but we decided that we would push it off so that she could get her first cut at Disney.

The Harmony Barber Shop was so great and the stylist that cut Addison’s hair was so patient and quick! Addy had a little spinner toy that she was given to keep her content during the cut and honestly, she was not even bothered by the fact that her hair was being cut.

It was a definite once in a lifetime experience and these photographs are some of my very favorites that I’ve ever taken. I hope one day Addy loves and cherishes them as much as I do.





Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort



Jason and I are so happy to have been able to take Addison to one of our favorite places in the entire world, Walt Disney World!

We tossed around the idea of going to Disney for a while and actually decided against it until she was a bit older, but then she started showing an interest in costumed characters and certain Disney movies and characters. So, after lots of research and tons of planning, we decided to go for it. I am so glad we did! We had the best time experiencing Disney through her eyes. She loved meeting the characters and was not intimidated at all. In fact, she learned really quickly to take each character her little autograph book and give them big hugs! She was such a trooper and we all had such a great time together. She took naps in her stroller when she was tired, but when a show began or it was time to meet a character, she was all eyes and ears!

One thing that I was really passionate about us doing was a character meal. After researching and considering Addy’s favorite characters, we decided on Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Addy has loved her Little People Mickey and Minnie for as long as she was old enough to hold them and play with them, so it was really important to Jason and I that we find a meal that included both Mickey and Minnie. We felt that for this trip, Chef Mickey’s would be perfect and we could also schedule our meal on a day that we did not have tickets to the parks, since the restaurant and resort are outside the parks and do not require an admission ticket. We had read prior to reserving our meal that the food is not necessarily the best of all of the character meals, but because of the nostalgia and ambiance of the Contemporary Resort, as well as the character line-up, we decided that it was a risk we were willing to take. Honestly, we were quite happy with our meal and especially loved the sweet options, and of course, the Mickey-shaped waffles!

We really loved Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet and we really enjoyed spending time exploring the Contemporary Resort as well, as I have long been enamored with “the Disney resort that the monorail runs through.” I think our time at the Contemporary Resort brought out the kid in all of us.