Travel Log: Trapani, Italy


I am finally sharing some of my favorite photographs taken in Trapani, Italy. Trapani is located in Western Sicily and is absolutely gorgeous. I visited with a group of ladies who all gathered to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. We spent about 4 days in Trapani and really just enjoyed the city and local area, trying out some of the local specialities, wandering through the cobblestone streets, and enjoying “la dolce vita.”

We enjoyed arancini, lots of cappuccini, cannoli, ate dessert for breakfast (always my favorite), and drank the local bar out of amaretto (true story). Several of us got lost on the way to check out some Greek ruins in Segesta; we made it eventually and had some wonderful accidental adventures in the process. We took a ferry over to Favignana and some of us toured the island via scooter (which I blogged about here). It was such a wonderful few days, filled with food, fun, and friends – and such unforgettable memories. I am so glad I brought my camera along to have photographs to remember our time by.










Always happiest around the sweets 😉














Palazzo Senatorio di Trapani, at night



Casarecce al Pesto Trapanese e melanzane fritte (a Trapanese specialty – casarecce pasta with a traditional Trapanese sauce with fried eggplant)




Palazzo Senatorio di Trapani


Almond granita


Cannoli + cappuccino for breakfast

City Eats: Coffee at the Gucci Museo Caffè, Florence


One of our normal routines while in Florence, was to find coffee and a treat each afternoon. One particular afternoon, we discovered that the Gucci Museo that was around the corner from the apartment we were staying in, had a café. Honestly, I cannot think of a better place for a lover of both fashion AND coffee to stop and enjoy a cappuccino and treat. As one might hope, the presentation is every bit as beautiful as the clothing and accessories that the brand is known for. The tiramisu was stunning in presentation and absolutely delicious, while the addition of the sugar in the shape of the Gucci logo fantastically took the entire experience over the top. I loved every bit of our time spent in the Gucci Museo Caffè.






Train Travel in a Denim Dress


Gap dress, H&M sweater (old), Sam Edelman booties, Goorin Bros. hat

While in Durango, I wore this denim Gap A-line dress on repeat. I bought it on sale sometime last year and never wore it – now I have no idea why! This dress is so versatile and able to be styled so many ways. It was still a little chilly in Durango in March, so I wore fleece lined tights and a sweater underneath the dress, but I cannot wait to style it for summer! I think it will look great with sneakers or even sandals and a light sweater. Be on the lookout for this dress, again – I am confident it will reappear. 😉


A Story About A Cloche


Goorin Bros. cloche, Wallis dress from Nordstrom Rack dress, Miz Mooz shoes, James Avery charms, Ted Baker watch, Dana Buchanan bag.

Back when we lived in California, we took a trip down to San Diego, where we discovered Goorin Bros. hats. On that trip, I picked up a classic black cloche and have been enamored by the style ever since.

Prior to stepping foot into Goorin Bros. for the first time, I am not sure I had ever seen a cloche. To be honest, the only hats I owned prior to discovering Goorin Bros. were one-size-fits-all hats I found at discount stores. There is nothing wrong with that, but wow, what a difference it made when a hat was actually fitted!

I love hats, but honestly, I wasn’t particularly interested in or even shopping for a hat the day that I discovered the cloche. Jason and I were in the Gaslamp Quarter shopping around, when he decided he would pass some time in the “hat shop,” while I was looking around in other shops. When I was done looking around, I met him in Goorin Bros., where he was trying on hats. I figured I would pass the time by trying some on myself, so I tried a few and wasn’t really finding anything that suited me. Then, I decided to put on this black, bell shaped hat. I fell in love, never mind that I had no idea what I would pair it with at the time, or that I wasn’t even sure I owned anything that I could pair it with. Regardless of all that, I still wore the hat out of the shop and down the street to dinner.

That was almost 3 years ago and 4 cloches ago. What can I say? When I find a good thing, I like it in a variety of colors. 😉 The latest is one that brings to mind a robin’s eggs and springtime. I recently wore it to a birthday breakfast shared with my family – fashion and family, two of my very favorite things.

What is your favorite style hat? Tell me in the comments below!


Snow Style


Coat and sweater from H&M, J Brand jeans, hat from boutique in Barcelona, scarf from The Gap, Khombu boots. 

Normally, I prefer to enjoy the snow from the comfort of my home, fireside with a warm mug of tea or coffee, snuggled up with my people. The other weekend, however, presented us with a slight predicament; the only way we were going to have a King Cake this year was if we ventured out into the snow to pick it up. We had waited too long to order one and it was the last weekend before all the bakeries stopped baking King Cakes for this Mardi Gras season, so venture out we did.

I never actually wear enough layers, because I can’t stand feeling too constricted and I don’t love the bulk that too many layers add. I learned a little bit about how to stay warm enough, without too much bulk, while living in Europe and enduring quite a lot of cold a good portion of the year. Hats and scarves help so much – which I don’t mind, I love a good accessory or two.

I am actually really happy we got out, because the snow was absolutely gorgeous and by the time we got out, the roads were fine (which is one thing I always stress about). It was wonderful to see the city all white and covered in snow.


Embroidered Booties


Green sweater from Marshalls, Gap jeans, Rebecca Minkoff booties & purse, Target fedora, The Giving Keys necklace. 

It is no secret that I love a good bootie. I also really like items that are edgy and unique. When I spotted these embroidered Rebecca Minkoff booties on sale last year, I grabbed them up knowing I would probably wait months until I would actually be able to wear them. I finally got to take them about town one weekend this fall, when Jason, Addison, and I had Sunday Brunch at one of our favorite spots in downtown Colorado Springs, Springs Orleans. I think the booties and their motif fit right in among the New Orleans themed restaurant.


Pumpkin Patchin’


One of the things we really wanted to do with Addison this fall was visit a pumpkin patch. We wanted to do it last year, but we just never got around to it. To be honest, I think it turned out perfectly, as she wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as she did this year.

We went to a local farm that also had a few animals available for petting, which Addy really enjoyed. They also had several games and “rides,” but those were not really age appropriate for her yet, so we enjoyed the animals and the pumpkins. Actually, Addy’s favorite thing seemed to be climbing on all of the hay bales in the “pick your pumpkin” area.

We were happy to spend a gorgeous Colorado fall day together and pick a couple of pumpkins to bring home and carve.