A Day in Manitou Springs



Jason and I have been living in Colorado for almost a year already! We absolutely love living here and have so many adventures planned! Manitou Springs was one of the first places we visited in our area and it remains one of our favorite places to visit with friends and family who visit us. When we visited this particular time, I was about halfway through my pregnancy with our sweet Addison, who is now almost 5 months old! It is hard to believe, really.

We love visiting Manitou for many reasons; a few of them being the overall charm of the town, the fun shops, the easy-going feel, and views. One of the things I love so much about Colorado is all the history found here and Manitou Springs does not disappoint in that arena. Manitou Springs was founded in the 1870s with the intent that the town would become a scenic health resort because of the healing mineral waters found there. The mineral springs are still functioning today, and visitors can have a drink of the water that “built the town.”


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