Snow Style


Coat and sweater from H&M, J Brand jeans, hat from boutique in Barcelona, scarf from The Gap, Khombu boots. 

Normally, I prefer to enjoy the snow from the comfort of my home, fireside with a warm mug of tea or coffee, snuggled up with my people. The other weekend, however, presented us with a slight predicament; the only way we were going to have a King Cake this year was if we ventured out into the snow to pick it up. We had waited too long to order one and it was the last weekend before all the bakeries stopped baking King Cakes for this Mardi Gras season, so venture out we did.

I never actually wear enough layers, because I can’t stand feeling too constricted and I don’t love the bulk that too many layers add. I learned a little bit about how to stay warm enough, without too much bulk, while living in Europe and enduring quite a lot of cold a good portion of the year. Hats and scarves help so much – which I don’t mind, I love a good accessory or two.

I am actually really happy we got out, because the snow was absolutely gorgeous and by the time we got out, the roads were fine (which is one thing I always stress about). It was wonderful to see the city all white and covered in snow.


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