City Eats: Churrería Laietana, Barcelona


I can think of few things in life which are better than stumbling upon hidden gems in a new city. Unassuming, unapologetic, old gems. Like this one. Jason and I discovered Churrería Laietana on a stroll our first morning in Barcelona. We were attempting to navigate and discover the city and almost missed out entirely. Thankfully we stumbled upon the café at just the time we both needed a morning pick-me-up, which inspired us to peruse the menu and stay. The tiny cafe featured a sparse menu and few places to sit, but what it lacked in variety and space it more than made up in taste. There was such an authenticity about the space and the feel of the churrería; watching the churros being piped, fried, drained, and covered in sugar made you feel like you were a part of the whole decadent process. We savored an order of freshly made churros with a cup of thick drinking chocolate, perfect for dipping the delicious bits of fried dough in.


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