Travel Log: Florence, Mercado Centrale


On our last trip to Florence before moving back to the States, Jason and I spent a morning eating our way through Mercado Centrale. Packed with food and artisan stalls, Mercado Centrale is a covered market located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Florence. Jason and I started our trip with a cappuccino and croissant at the café located on the second floor. I loved getting our mornings in Italy started with a cappuccino and pastry, while we took in the surroundings of wherever we happened to be that day. It allowed us the chance to relax and reflect before getting full days worth of touring started.

After consuming our morning meal, we walked back downstairs to check out all of shops and stalls. There was so much fresh fruit, vegetables, pastries, and bread – and of course, pasta, wine, salamis, and fresh cheeses (like our favorite, buffalo mozzarella!!) We sampled bruschetta, cheese, and Italian cookies. We purchased cookies for consumption back in our apartment, pasta and treats to take back home to Germany, and a few gifts for friends.

We ended our morning with a flipping amazing cannoli from Savini (and may have come back and had another for breakfast on a different day) and set out to explore more of our favorite city in Europe.




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