Flea Finds: Rose Bowl


Jason and I have been looking forward to the Rose Bowl Flea Market since moving to California. We were finally able to experience this mammoth flea market last month and found lots of fun treasures!

We scored two fun books, a book of tales on California’s Missions and a book to help identify cacti (my newest obsession). I found a bright, German Lebkuchen tin to add to my collection of tins and several patches to be added to a denim jacket. We scored an old metal gas can that has been repurposed and is currently being used as a kitchen table vase. (So perfectly funky!) We saw and loved this blue Ball jar and got it at a steal! We both thought the blue glass was so interesting.

I think the coolest things we discovered, though, are the railroad date nails, used by railroad companies starting in the late 1800s for record keeping purposes to track which ties were treated, when, and how. We have a few ideas on how to use them, but are still a tad undecided for now. More to come…

Untitled-1IMG_6488 IMG_6490IMG_6496

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