LA: Union Station


A few weeks ago, Jason and I spent a day in downtown Los Angeles. Actually, it was the first day we have spent downtown since we moved to California. While I really love searching for and being inspired by all the Mid-Century Modern influences in California, there is quite a bit of Art Deco inspired architecture here as well.

Union Station is unique in that it was built in a mix of architectural styles including Art Deco, Spanish Colonial, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne. Built in 1939, Union Station consolidated multiple railways including Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and the Los Angeles Railway. Today it serves as a hub for Amtrak, MetroLink, and LA Metro.

There’s something about spending time in a train station. You can’t help but imagine all the people who have traveled through a station. I usually imagine the golden age of travel. I picture people rushing for their train with their trunks and hat boxes, settling into their assigned car just before the train leaves the station, and then relaxing with a cocktail on the way to their final destination.


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