Monrovia Highlights


One of Jason’s and my favorite things to do during our free time is to shop for antiques, visit local thrift shops and flea markets. A few Fridays ago, we started out in Pasadena checking our thrift stores and ended our day in Monrovia, a cute little town not far from Pasadena. The main street is chock-full of fun little shops, antique stores and loads of buildings with history and character.

We worked up a bit of an appetite, so we stopped at a cute little cafe on Monrovia’s main street, Friends. Yes, after the beloved sitcom and they also serve sandwiches named after the fun bunch. The baristas there were so kind and informative. I had my first ever Green Tea Latte (seriously good stuff) and we shared a fresh made fig bar, so good!


I love the details of this movie theater and of course, the neon lights!


IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4261_edited-1

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