The Blue Coat that “Fit”


Rachel Zoe coat, old sweater, Gap jeans, Doc Marten shoes, hat from South Korea, Delphes Paris star necklace, Tiffany & Co. lock necklace 

Shopping mid-December in Bozeman, I saw this blue coat. At the time, I was in a hurry, looking for Christmas gifts, and *trying* not to find or buy anything for myself. But then I got home and couldn’t stop thinking about the dang coat. Do I really need another coat? (I live in Montana, so I will probably always answer yes to this question.) Can I wear it enough to justify the purchase? (I probably put at least 5-10 outfits together in my head.) Will I luck out and find it at the respective store in Helena. (You guessed it, yep.)

I am honestly really happy that I went back for it. You know those pieces that just excite you and inspire you and just make you feel like, well, “you?” This is definitely one of those pieces for me. Until recently, I bought many things because they were on trend. I mean, I still shopped the sales and frequented the thrift stores to find them, but I really didn’t know what my style preferences and inspirations really were. However, I’m starting to see patterns in the things I love, recognize decades and time periods whose silhouettes and styles I am drawn to, pinpoint the things that inspire me, and notice the things that just feel “right.” And, the thing is, when you’re collecting things that you really love, whether it is clothing or antiques or various other things we tend to collect – you can’t go wrong, really. It will all come together because it all feels like you. I still follow the trends and love and buy some of them, but if they don’t feel like me, then, well, I just don’t buy them. It just wouldn’t “fit me” right.


Walt Disney World: Polynesian Resort


One of my favorite resorts to visit, anytime, is Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. While we’ve never actually stayed in any of the Disney Resorts, we love visiting them, eating at their restaurants, and just taking in the ambiance of each one. Jason and I experienced our very first trip to a Disney Park at Christmastime in 2009. Disney is even more magical at Christmas and we love visiting around the holidays! A couple of years ago, while living in Colorado, we decided to road trip it to Florida for Addy’s first trip to Disney.

We enjoyed a few days in the parks and then spent some time touring the resorts and taking in their decor and of course, their gorgeous trees themed to each respective resort. I have to say, I think the Polynesian Resort’s tree was my favorite. Perhaps it is because I have always had an affinity for all things Polynesian or that the resort has some definite nods to my favorite architectural style (Mid-Century Modern), but I really, really loved it. The Polynesian is one of only two Walt Disney World resorts that were there from the beginning (the second being my other favorite – The Contemporary Resort).

This time around, we had a delicious breakfast at Kona Cafe together. I may not have a picture of the Tonga Toast I devoured, but let me tell you, it was probably in my “Top 10 Disney Foods” I have ever eaten! We wandered around taking in all the retro-tiki (!!) vibes, taking fun photos wherever we found the perfect spot.

Do you have a favorite Disney Resort? Do you like to tour all the resorts during the holidays, admiring all the themed decor?



City Eats: Dove’s Luncheonette, Chicago


Jason, Addison, and I just got back from almost 2 weeks in the Midwest. We spent time in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa and had such a wonderful time exploring places we have never been with people that we love. Toward the beginning of our travels, we took a few days to explore Chicago. Chicago was one of the few remaining large US cities that Jason and I had not explored together.

We loved Chicago! The food is delicious, the city is beautiful (especially this time of year!), and in my opinion, Chicago is the perfect mix of old and new, and contains the perfect amount of grit and history, while remaining a place we felt safe to explore. We stayed in Lincoln Park and loved how close everything was to us – tons of local eats and shopping. We took some time to walk and shop along the Magnificent Mile, spent time perusing antique and vintage stores in Wicker Park, took in a sunset along the Riverwalk, took pictures at and of “The Bean,” enjoyed a tour of Wrigley Field, and Jason and I have now stood at both the beginning and the ending of Route 66.

One of our favorite ways to get to know a city has always been by eating. We eat as much local fare as possible and Dove’s Luncheonette was definitely one of our favorite Chicago finds. Dove’s is named after a book written in the late 50s that was later adapted for the big screen. The eatery has 41 stools and “draws inspiration from bygone diners and watering holes to create a place where people from all walks of life can converge over a cup of coffee, cocktail, and a great meal” (Dove’s). While drinking your coffee from a 70s style brown bell cup, you will be treated to the music of the 60s and 70s, specifically Chicago soul and blues. The food itself is a wonderful mix of Southern inspired favorites with a Mexican flare and from what we saw and tasted, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. I opted for the buttermilk chicken fried chicken, served with a chorizo verde gravy, peas, and pearl onions and I’d do the same thing again. Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in Chicago, eat at Dove’s, you won’t be disappointed! And, yes, I did bring home another mug to add to the racks – this one is, you guessed it, brown and bell shaped. 😉


Leopard in Montana


Abound dress, Nordstrom Rack sweater, Roan booties, Charlie 1 Horse hat

Since the last time I posted a blog, we have relocated to Montana. We moved here in June and are loving our life here! We are finally settled at the new house and are enjoying having friends and family come and see us here. I’m hoping to catch up with a few posts on what we’ve been up to the last few months soon!

I’ve never really been an animal print girl but I scored this dress for $11, so how could I not? I paired it with a cropped sweater and booties and really like how it all came together! I’m already thinking of other ways to wear this dress – there are so many options!

What are some new things you’ve tried recently?


Springtime at The Broadmoor

IMG_4120 2mattevintageresized

Vintage coat, Miz Mooz shoes, Goorin Bros. hat, James Avery bracelet and compass ring, Tiffany & Co necklace 

This past Sunday, we finally got to spend some time at The Broadmoor. We have lived here almost 3 and a half years and we have been told so many times during our time here that we needed to enjoy their Sunday Brunch and explore the property. We got to share the day with a great friend, which made it even sweeter.

It is no secret that I love pulling out any one of my hats any chance I get, so I was happy to be able to wear this cloche that I always love for spring. The coat was actually a last minute addition, because it was slightly chilly. It ended up being this specific coat, because most of the rest of my coats are already packed up for our impending move at the end of the month. I found the coat at a 1950s Christmas Ball we attended with our good friends in Denver in December, and I love how it tied the whole outfit together!

We had a wonderful day with fantastic weather, eating and exploring at The Broadmoor. The brunch was fantastic and almost overwhelming, with all of the delicious choices we had to make. I will absolutely miss the views of Pikes Peak and the Rockies that we have enjoyed so much while living in Colorado Springs and that we enjoyed from The Broadmoor, as well.

IMG_4131 2edited_mattevintageresizedIMG_0789_resizedIMG_4125 2_editedmattevintageIMG_4106 2_edited_mattevintageresizedIMG_4112 2_edited_mattevintageresizedIMG_4102_mattevintageresizedIMG_4116 2_editedmattevintage_resized

An Ode to Paradise Pier, Disney California Adventure


Disney Parks are always my happy place, but when we lived in California, Disneyland was pretty much our second home. Prior to 2018, what is now Pixar Pier was Paradise Pier. Paradise Pier was designed to be reminiscent of boardwalks and seaside amusement parks of the past. Paradise Pier featured billboard ads, rides, games, and snack stands like those of the 1920s and spending time there was like stepping into the past. This area of Disney California Adventure has since been rebranded into Pixar Pier and while I cannot wait to explore what it is now, I will miss what it once was.


Fall Hues in Santa Fe


Levi’s denim jacket, H&M skirt, Target hat & shoes, pendant from Lively in Durango

A few weekends ago, Jason, Addison, and I finally got to explore Santa Fe for a couple of days and we were blessed with mostly gorgeous weather! We took advantage of one of our nice days and meandered down Canyon Road, popping into different art galleries and shops, and just enjoyed all of the inspiration everywhere.

I was so excited that the weather was nice enough to be able to wear a new skirt I found at Clothes Mentor for a steal recently. I have an affinity for velvety textures and this gorgeous fall hue was too stunning to pass up. I paired it with a white tee and threw on my favorite jean jacket. (Is anything better than a Levi’s jean jacket for pairing with literally everything?) The hat is one I am living in this season and have been wearing it as often as possible; I found it and the slides at Target recently and could not be happier.

What are your favorite pieces this fall? Do you have any mainstays or go-tos? Any new buys you’re really happy with?


Rail Yards, Albuquerque


One of our favorite places to visit from Colorado is New Mexico. We have visited Albuquerque at least once a year, for the last 4 years. Normally, we do not get to explore too much, as we are often in town to enjoy the Balloon Fiesta. We visited ABQ back at the end of July, however, and really got to take in so much of the city and spend time with wonderful friends. One of the things we did this time was explore the Rail Yards Market. “The Yards,” which once housed the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Rail Yards complex, is now repurposed as a community market that showcases local talents and artists and their specialties of music, art, and food. We had such a fun time just meandering through the market, picking up fun things as we went along, while listening to music, and watching local performers. We also took the time to really appreciate all the history of the Rail Yards, as well. I love when historic places are not abandoned, but repurposed, so we can all enjoy the history and character of a place and imagine all that it once was and appreciate what it is now.








Travel Log: Cooperstown, NY


Recently, Jason, Addison, and I were able to spend some time in Upstate New York, where Jason is from. Jason and I have been together 14 years, and I had still never seen the place where he was born and spent the first part of his life. This summer, we had a dear friend who was celebrating a promotion and we really wanted to be able to celebrate with him, so we made a last minute decision to get to Delaware (where our friend is) and also to New York.

I was never really into many sports, but the one sport I always loved playing and watching was baseball. I played tee-ball, then softball, and grew up cheering the Texas Rangers on at home and at their stadium. Then, when I saw A League of their Own, I knew I wanted to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. So, when I found out that Cooperstown was only an hour’s drive from Jason’s hometown, it was a must-do! It was such a cool experience and I had no idea what a gorgeous place that Cooperstown is. It’s located right on Otsego Lake and is so picturesque.

We spent the first part of our day at the Baseball Hall of Fame, which we all loved. We also got to spend the day with Jason’s grandma and one of our close friends who now lives in the area – I envy both of them. 😉 After the museum, we just enjoyed meandering about town and a leisurely lunch, right on Otsego Lake.


Skirting Around Albuquerque


American Eagle tank, skirt and gold beaded bracelet from Africa, Dolce Vita wedges, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Target turquoise necklace, Tiffany & Co. lock necklace, James Avery compass ring, vintage turquoise butterfly ring 

I fell in love with longer skirts while we lived in Europe; they are perfect for touring cities comfortably and are so easy to style and mix up by just adding or changing a few key pieces. I usually traveled with at least one black maxi skirt that I would wear more than once; I would just add a scarf, change my accessories or shoes each time. Also worth noting: many churches and buildings in Europe require that women cover much of their legs prior to entering, so that was one other reason long skirts became a staple of mine. We’ve been back in the US for over 4 years now, but my love for the long skirt remains.

Recently, Jason took my measurements with him while in Africa and had this gorgeous skirt made for me. I wore it in Albuquerque this weekend for the first time and I had so much fun styling it. I paired it with a solid black tank and wedges and then added lots of fun accessories. How do you style your longer skirts?


Vintage turquoise butterfly ring, thicker detailed bracelet and two-toned bracelet, James Avery hammered bangle