Finding Joy in Fashion


This is the first fashion post in a long while and to be honest, I have struggled over the last few months to even find the love and excitement for fashion and styling that I once had. Some of the things that I had been so passionate about and invested in prior to this year were forced to take a backseat to focusing on and working through things that came up during quarantine. 2020 and all that has come with it has been so unexpected, so it is no surprise that things that we normally enjoyed or that typically brought us joy might have shifted a bit or changed entirely. The last couple of months haven’t been without challenges, but I have found joy in many of the things I love again. I hope that you all are finding things and enjoying things that bring you joy in the midst of this unpredictable and difficult year.


TJ Maxx dress, Charlie 1 Horse hat, Bed\Stü sandals, Levi’s jean jacket, Waxing Poetic fleur de lis necklace, Tiffany & Co lock necklace


Montana charm, bead, bracelet and compass ring  from James Avery


Dragonfly earrings from Albuquerque, James Avery unicorn ring, Tiffany & Co silver band, Coronado Beach sand ring from Dune Jewelry


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