Skirting Around Albuquerque


American Eagle tank, skirt and gold beaded bracelet from Africa, Dolce Vita wedges, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Target turquoise necklace, Tiffany & Co. lock necklace, James Avery compass ring, vintage turquoise butterfly ring 

I fell in love with longer skirts while we lived in Europe; they are perfect for touring cities comfortably and are so easy to style and mix up by just adding or changing a few key pieces. I usually traveled with at least one black maxi skirt that I would wear more than once; I would just add a scarf, change my accessories or shoes each time. Also worth noting: many churches and buildings in Europe require that women cover much of their legs prior to entering, so that was one other reason long skirts became a staple of mine. We’ve been back in the US for over 4 years now, but my love for the long skirt remains.

Recently, Jason took my measurements with him while in Africa and had this gorgeous skirt made for me. I wore it in Albuquerque this weekend for the first time and I had so much fun styling it. I paired it with a solid black tank and wedges and then added lots of fun accessories. How do you style your longer skirts?


Vintage turquoise butterfly ring, thicker detailed bracelet and two-toned bracelet, James Avery hammered bangle


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