Travel Log: Disneyland Paris at Christmastime


While living in Europe, Jason and I were fortunate enough to be able to visit Disneyland Paris multiple times. I love Disney Parks at any time of the year, but Christmastime is especially magical.

When people knew we had visited Disneyland Paris, one question we got many times was “How does Disneyland Paris compare to Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California?” To be honest, we went in to each experience with no expectations or comparisons between either park and we feel that each individual park has its own set of unique experiences, food that is unique to each park, and rides that were either unique to each park or were slightly different than the “same” ride at another park. In my opinion, no one park is better than the other, we love them all! One of my favorite memories of Disneyland Paris was when a cast member noticed that we traded pins, which is not typically a huge draw for visitors of the Disneyland Paris parks, but he made a point of bringing out some limited edition pins specific to Disneyland Paris and traded as many pins as we needed to get all the pins that he had, that we wanted.

One year, we opted to spend Thanksgiving Day at the park and ring in the Christmas season there. We were able to see the park’s Christmas parade on Thanksgiving Day, take in all the festive decor, and just enjoy the magic that being at a Disney Park brings. Speaking of enjoying the magic of Disney Parks, we are really excited to be spending a bit of time at Walt Disney World this holiday season; we are especially excited to take Addy to Disney for the first time, as she loves Mickey, Minnie, and Olaf, music and dancing. I also cannot wait to experience Epcot Festival of the Holidays and try things from each of the Holiday Kitchens! Obviously if you read this blog, or know me personally, you know food is one of my very favorite things. 😉

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and are able to spend time with the people (and pets) that you love, make time to slow down, and relish in the season.



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