SAN FRANCISCO: Embarcadero + Ferry Building


One morning while in San Francisco, we took a stroll to the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building by way of North Beach. We planned on having breakfast at the Ferry Building, in fact, that was the very reason were headed that way. However, when walking through San Francisco’s version of Little Italy, one does not pass up a cannoli. At least this one does not. Jason and I each grabbed a cannoli from Mara’s Italian Pastry. The cannoli from this place were legit. They even had a chocolate ricotta filled cannoli. Sign me up!

The Embarcadero, “the place to embark,” is located on the eastern waterfront of the Port of San Francisco. During the early-20th century, before the construction of the Bay Bridge, what is now the plaza in front of the Ferry Building was one of the busiest areas of foot traffic in the world. The Ferry Building serves as the terminal for ferries that travel across the San Francisco Bay and also houses several food stores and restaurants. We planned on Blue Bottle Coffee for breakfast. Liege style waffles and individually prepared drip coffee, to be specific. We both ordered their New Orleans iced coffee, which is cold-brewed for 12 hours with roasted chicory (!!) sweetened with organic cane sugar, and creamed with organic whole milk. For a moment, I thought I was back in NOLA.

After breakfast, we happened upon some of the trolley cars hanging out on the tracks (unattended and unassuming) What’s a gal and her fella to do, but snap a few photos on them?

We’re both pretty accustomed to a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, so since the Philz Coffee truck was parked along the route to our next stop (okay, close enough to detour because it’s sooo good) we grabbed a couple of their delicious mint mojito lattes. I’d be lying to you if I told you this was the last time we had Philz Coffee in San Francisco. No judgement here, right?

IMG_5199 IMG_5201 IMG_5203 IMG_5206


The Ferry Building clock tower


New Orleans iced coffee + Liege waffle


Inside the Ferry Building


The Bay Bridge and a ferry

IMG_5239 IMG_5245 IMG_5250 IMG_5253 IMG_5259 IMG_5261 IMG_5269

Number of Philz mint mojito lattes consumed in San Francisco at this point: 2.

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