Adventures in Austin: SoCo


View of Austin from South Congress Ave.

I’m so thankful that during my three weeks back home in Texas, prior to arriving in California, I was able to visit Austin. One of my closest friends has lived there for the past few years and I had not seen her in over 5, so it was well over time to get there and spend some time with her! My friend, Miranda, her Mom and I had the most fun weekend catching up with each other and seeing Austin!

We spent the better part of a day exploring South Congress Avenue. SoCo, as the street is affectionately called, is known for funky and unique shops, restaurants and food trucks. We ended our day in the best way, with cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s, who do the mini-cakes proud!

IMG_0695Trying on a tiny hat in a costume store.

IMG_0698IMG_0697So many gorgeous boots at Allen’s Boots.

IMG_0701  Any kind of candy you could dream up + Blue Bell ice cream at Big Top Candy Shop.


Fun + inspiring ‘art’ on SoCo.

IMG_0704  IMG_0706

Amy’s Ice Creams! My pick was Mexican Vanilla ice cream with praline topping. Delicious!

 IMG_0713  IMG_0715

Cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s. Carrot Cake, Baklava + the Odd Couple.



Loved this wall mural!

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